High Quality Gel Nail Polish Set by Rosalind

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High Quality Gel Nail Polish by ROSALIND, Pure Color series 01-58. High Quality Stable Organic Formula giving a High Shine finish with a strong no chip adhesion.

Easy to apply: The viscosity of this polish is moderate which makes it easy to apply without the running mess like others. Long Lasting up to 30 days. Made from nontoxic materials, odorless and environmentally friendly.

Upgraded Brush with 1000 Ultra Fine fibers enable you to brush the gel smoothly and evenly on your nails. Use a UV or LED lamp to cure the nail polish for a long hard lasting finish. Easily remove with acrylic remover. Get the nails that you would expect at a salon but do it in the privacy of your home.

Comes in 7ml/0.25oz volume, 25g weight bottles


- High Quality, High Shine Polish

- Upgraded brush
- LED or UV Lamp curing
- Odorless
- Non Toxic, Environmentally Friendly
- Certification: MSDS, SGS and CE
- Available in 29 Colors:

 Don’t forget the Base and Top coat.