12 Piece Pro Makeup Brush Set by BEILI

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12 Piece Pro Makeup Brush Set by BEILI.  Select twelve fine quality and affordable makeup brushes for Foundation Powder, Concealer, Contour, Eyes and Blending put in a 12 piece brush set. Fine quality brushes made from natural and synthetic fibers to help with your makeup routine. Perfect for personal or professional use and make a wonderful gift.

For Eye Brushes they specially chose natural goat and pony hair, which is skin-friendly and has a nice gentle touch, suitable for all skin types. These natural animal hairs have a softness like no other. They are fluffy and have excellent ability to grasp powder. Amazingly blends and applies makeup evenly. The eyebrow and eyeliner brushes are thin and precise.

For Facial Brushes they chose Nano-fiber and Synthetic hair. They are soft and dense with different shape and sizes. The high-tech Nano-fiber Hair has a fine soft texture and a super smooth touch with a great ability to grasp powder, while they are antibacterial and easy to clean.

Perfect for:    Cream Foundation, Blusher, Concealer, Eye shadow, Eyeliner and lipstick. Made for Makeup Artists and Makeup Lovers.

Brush Material:

- Pink Wooden Handle

- Rose Gold Ferrule

- Goat Hair

- Pony Hair

- Wood Fiber

- Synthetic Hair

 Kit Quantity:   12 Piece Professional Set