Seamless Firm Full Body Shapewear for Women

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Seamless Firm Full Body Shapewear for women. Corrective Slimming Underwear that shapes the tummy, supports the breasts and lifts the buttocks for a better posture. Helps with muscle toning. Crotch less design for easy convenience at the ladies room.

A body shaper that gives you that hour glass figure. Great for dresses or everyday cloths. Soft and close fitting material. Automatic rebound breathable high elastic shaping fabric, Made with great workmanship.


- Helps Correct Posture

- Tighten Waist - assists abdominal muscles

- Places firm pressure on the side to help correct Pelvic position

- Helps postpartum women to regain pelvic and muscle shape

- Open crotch design for convenience

-Three colors to choose from:

- Grey, Black and Beige